For our very first face to face meeting Sarah Slater from Hampton Court visited us to talk to us about….. Kirtles, Corsets and Curtains. It was just great to really see Sarah & to see all our friends after so long,

Sarah talked about her journey into historical costuming and the levels of authenticity involved in making period costumes to wear as a tour guide. She arrived wearing one of the amazing period dresses she had made herself – she was certainly a bit of a curiosity to passers by outside The Bull as she unloaded a mannequin in a petticoat rom her car!

It was fascinating to hear how the ‘perfect’ silhouette for a woman had changed over the centuries – with women wanting to have small waists and impressive hips in Elizabethan times, tiny waists and tiny hips in the 1970s – and we all wondered if we were heading back to Elizbethan times with the likes of Kim Kardashian making it as a fashion icon today!