At our January meeting we discussed The Final Round by Bernard O’Keeffe. Six Oxford university friends, whose lives have since diverged, still meet once a year at a charity quiz. Shortly after their latest meeting, one of their number is found murdered, by the Leg O Mutton nature reserve, with signs linking the crime to their old university college. Was it one of the friends? The detective assigned to the case, DI Garibaldi, is a country-music loving, self-educated policeman and the only one in the Met who cannot drive!

Views of this book were mixed: it is an easy read and a page turner, although there were some implausible features. There may be better crime fiction available, but the setting of the book in Barnes, with numerous well-known landmarks, added to the fun.



Our future reading list is as follows:

Feb      The Lowland                                       Jhumpa Lahiri

Mar     Black Diamonds                                  Catherine Bailey

Apr      Exit West                                             Mohsin Hamid

May     Klara and the Sun                               Kazuo Ishiguro