Due to Covid it took 2 years to get there but it was so worthwhile when we did. 13 of us braved the cold spring weather, setting off in a FISH minibus last Friday to visit the home of Downton Abbey aka Highclere Castle. Although the outside of the Castle is huge, (we would not like the responsibility of paying for maintenance) the inside rooms were pleasantly homely and very cosy, it was like stepping into a family member’s home that you are totally familiar with. There were lots of family photos and flowers and there were references everywhere to one of our TV shows. The Gardens are also beautiful. We managed to have lunch together in the courtyard despite the cold wind and the shop was well patronised. All in all well worth the 2 year delay in getting there, we’re really looking forward to seeing the film now.
Very many thanks to Sarah H for her perseverance in organising.