Buffy, a celebrated actress with many film and TV performances to her name, probably best known as Jolene in The Archers (who remembers the shower scene!!) came to talk to us for the evening.

What a great speaker she is. We heard all about her life in Canada, where she was born, and the difficulties of adjusting to her new lifeĀ  when her parents moved to England. She was very frank, it was very enlightening. We heard about the joys of working for the BBC – including never knowing if your character is going to be kept going – you might find yourself ‘sent to Birmingham’ – which could be forever or, if the worst comes to the worst, fall off a roof – for those of you who remember Nigel Pargetter!

The event took place at the fabulous OSO Arts Centre – know as the Theatre on Barnes Pond – in the heart of Barnes. It was the perfect setting for this theatrical evening and is looking lovely having recently undergone a major makeover of its own (the red velvet drapes are just gorgeous!!).

Thank you so much to Buffy herself and also to Lisa Ross, manager of the OSO, for enabling us to have such a wonderful evening,