We’re zooming on Monday July 6th!

Good Morning … or afternoon/evening depending on when you open this!

Another month .. another stage of our new life … don’t know about you but oh boy am I getting stir crazy!!

That said we are moving forward and – as you’ll see below – we’re planning our first, tentative steps towards seeing each other in real life rather than via a screen.

That said it is only baby steps and we are no nearer to a group meeting inside a building so Zoom it is for our next meeting on Monday 6th July.

However, thanks to Jennifer it’s going to be fun as we’re doing a quiz. Obvs we will not be in teams … blowed if we can work out how to do that via cyberspace other than a convoluted use of whats app and I’m afraid that’s a step too far for a brain dead person like me .. but it will be a chance to see each other and have a bit of a giggle as well.

As always we’d like you to let us know if you are attending or not as still need to keep the systems going in terms of attendance and apologies but it’s just a button click and shows National that we are being efficient.

In the meantime read on for deets about our physical meet up, see you all on Monday and have an amazing weekend.

Kindest regards,